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WIN Blocks offers you the possibility to order your custom build hook block that is specially designed for your purpose and demand. The number, type and dimension of the sheaves can be chosen according your requirements, as well as the rope diameter and the type of hook that is required.

We offer you the possibility to use all types of hooks like single, double or Ramshorn according DIN 15400 specs.

Special shaped hooks can be supplied on your demand; all blocks come standard with manufacturing certificates;  all kind of third party inspections and tests are possible on request.


WIN Blocks assures that you will get a hook block build with first class quality components and parts, assembled by skilled craftsman in a renowned European company.

WIN Hooks offers you the possibility to order your hook according the DIN Standards 7540, 15401, 15402 and 15402 – B in material classes P, T and V.

This means that your hooks or produced in either Carbon Steel StE 355 – 420, Alloy Steel 34 CrMo4 – 34CrNiMo6 or SuperAlloy 34CrNiMo6 – 30 CrNiMo8 material.

Beside this, it is of course possible to let your hooks be manufactured according your specific wish or design, please ask for our possibilities.

WIN Sheaves offers you the possibility to order your sheaves exactly as you need them: in cast iron, welded in steel, fully machined or Polyamide material, which a choice of various types of bearings, as well as suitable for the rope diameter that you need.

We can offer sheaves from German, Italian or Asian origin, suitable to your demand and price level; however all supplied by renowned factories and with adequate certifications as per your requirements.

Ask us for our possibilities to fulfil your every demand in sheaves!

WINTRADE offers you the possibility to develop any special part or construction that you might need regarding your demand for lifting or flare-adjusting devices and drive pulleys.

The experience provided by our partners covers many years and numerous application fields, we will be most happy to solve your special needs.


Steven Vuijk

Started in 1987 working in the industrial subcontracting industry, and since then gained a lot of experience in various fields like steel trading, sheet metal- and metalwire filters, as well as in the casting and forging business.


This broad range of experience in various connected sectors offers you an excellent entrance to the best possible supplier available in these sectors.


Connecting many European companies through their quality awareness, direct communication lines, quick response and supply power, optimal sourcing comes natural.


Try the European way of quality sourcing: you will be convinced!



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Wintrade  |  Steven Vuijk  |  Groenloseweg 76  |  7101AK Winterswijk  |  The Netherlands +31 (0) 543 - 537 518  |  +31 (0) 615 545 774  |  |  CoC nr:  59876840

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